"I am a 61year old avid, athletic woman who enjoys skiing, biking, hiking, swimming, weight lifting, racket sports and yoga. For the past 40 years, I have received chiropractic treatments on and off due to the misalignment of my lower back. Until I met Sara Seghi at Sierra Chiropractic, I was never pain free with my active lifestyle. In fact, sometimes after a hard day of skiing, I couldn't walk without a great deal of pain. I have been receiving treatment from Sara for the past 14 months and it has been a complete game changer for me. I am able to be an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy all my other activities without discomfort. I highly recommend Sierra Chiropractic to anyone who is looking to take back control of their health and enhance their quality of life. Sara’s expertise, professionalism, and knowledge is an asset to our community. I am eternally grateful she has relocated to the Carson Valley area." Kris R.
"Sara is a great chiropractor. She knows what a body needs and is careful, gentle and precise in her adjustments. If you have questions about wellness in general, homeopathy, exercise, or nutrition she is a fountain of practical knowledge. Sara takes her time with each patient to ensure you are feeling better and making progress. I have had the best year of health in years since first entering Sara’s office 14 months ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Kathie C.
"I see Sara on a regular basis and she has tremendously helped me with my health and well-being. During my first appointment, Sara gave me her undivided attention. She listened and cared about my health history more than any doctor ever has. Through Sara’s knowledge and expertise, I have healed chronic imbalances in my body. She also introduced me to homeopathy, which has been life changing. Thanks to Sara, I have turned down multiple prescriptions of antibiotics and am able to heal through chiropractic adjustments and natural remedies. I’m very thankful to have Sara to turn to for nutrition, health, and homeopathic guidance. She really has changed my life for the better!" Jessika W.
"Thank you Dr. Sara! – Just before the holidays, I made up my mind to go through Carpal Tunnel surgery – after 20 years of full time desk & computer work, I was experiencing constant numbness in my hands and shooting twinges up my arms. Practically everything I did with my hands caused pain – food preparation, driving a car, gardening, computer work, you name it – if it used my hands, it hurt. I found myself planning food menus around ingredients that didn’t require chopping! I lived on Ibuprofen. A friend at Intel suggested I try a Chiropractor, it seems she had the same problem and swore her DC was able to help. I really didn’t think a DC could help, after all, it was my hands, not my back, that was causing the problem (or so I thought!). Thankfully I did listen and made an appointment with Dr. Sara Seghi. Dr. Sara gave me a thorough exam including a thoughtful explanation of her process, and I had my first chiropractic adjustment in 20+ years. Not expecting a significant change after only one adjustment, I was THRILLED to find my hand numbness & arm pain 80% GONE. The next day I drove to work without my hands aching and going numb. The following night I slept without my hand braces for the first time in years, again, no numbness, no pain. I could hardly believe the relief, my family and I are so happy with Dr. Sara’s treatment. Dr. Sara has provided encouragement and has recommended some simple exercises to ensure my progress continues. After only 3 weeks my healing continues to improve. I truly feel like a small miracle has occurred - I have the use of my hands back! I look forward to completing Dr. Sara’s plan for my continued healing and renewed strength." Mary D.
"I am in my mid-fifties and have had chronic back pain since I was a child and was thrown from my quarter horse. Having back pain has just been part of my life and I thought I just had to live with it. However, about 3 years ago, while digging holes in my yard to plant some shrubs, I injured my back to the point of not being able to function. I am an avid (or shall I say 'obsessed') golfer, and I thought I would never be able to golf again after this injury. It was difficult just to get up and down from a chair. Sitting all day was nearly impossible. Several days after the injury, I called a friend who recommended Dr. Sara Seghi. I had been to chiropractors most of my life to alleviate the back pain, but I didn't give this injury much hope. I was wrong. Sara had me playing golf within a couple of weeks. She also started working on that old childhood injury and several months later I was able to sit at work all day without pain! Since I am a CPA, that is truly a blessing as I am at my desk for nearly 15 hours a day during the busy season. Sara is wonderful! I refer everyone I meet to her. I schedule regular visits with Sara to maintain my healthy back and recently was even able to play 18-holes of golf for 10 days straight. Before I met Sara, that was not even an option. Thanks, Sara, for my pain-free back and for the healthy life-style you have helped me achieve." Carol A.
"Dr. Sara Seghi has been instrumental in my health care for over five years now. I spent most of my earlier years involved in dance theater, which is quite taxing on the body. I was not aware of chiropractic care in those days, and had visited medical doctors various times to get relief from neck and back pain. I was prescribed muscle relaxers and basic physical therapy, which I found did not treat the cause of my pain. I later discovered how much chiropractic care helped through specifically treating the root of the problem in the spine. My range motion has increased, I have less headache pain, and a better sense of overall well being. Dr. Seghi has gone above and beyond what is expected in the time she spends treating me, and also sharing education regarding better health in general. She is awesome!" Dawna P.
"I have been going to chiropractors for over 30 years. Every one is different, but Sara is definitely amazing! She really takes the time to listen--to what my body is saying as well as my mouth. She takes a holistic approach to healthcare and introduced me to grounding for which I will forever be grateful! Sara is so full of life and positive energy which makes every adjustment uplifting as well as healing." Mary K